Pricing vs Value

One of the more difficult subjects to cover due to the amount of variables involved i the age old debate about the quoted price for a job vs the actual value for money that you will gain from it.

Whether it's a million dollar joinery budget or a few simple cabinets that need to be made and installed, I think price vs value is one of the most basic and fundamental things to get right as a customer in 2018.

With more and more joinery companies entering the market everyday, it really is important to understand the differences in price and how that will affect the overall impact and value you will receive at the end of the job.

It's not always as clear as a price tag, and just because Mr Wardrobes has quoted you the lowest price out of anyone doesn't mean the value you will receive will be worth the dollar amount.

It does depend on a number of variables and price is always going to be one of them, but it's a good idea to ask yourself a few more questions before committing such as:

- Have they put enough time and effort into the measure and quote to ensure there are no mistakes?

- Have they presented themselves and their company well onsite initially?

- Do they have options available and are they able to explain on the spot and in detail about relevant products, materials and techniques to ensure your project is completed without any problems?

- Are they licenced, insured and do they have the relevant experience and industry know-how to complete your project properly?

The list can go on and on, but before committing to your next project, just ask yourself a few simple questions beyond the quote price and make sure you maximise the value for money you're getting on your new joinery project.

Good Luck!

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