Things to consider before you renovate your home: Budget

Updated: May 16

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As the headline would suggest, its pretty important to determine if you are really in a position to begin renovating in the first place. There are many factors that can hinder your renovation / project objectives before you even get a tradie in to start quoting the job, so its pretty important to try and be prepared and aware of some of the things that can inevitably pop up, and one of the most fundamentally overlooked areas is to start with planning how much money you can spend.


Under-estimating the money it can cost to renovate is one of the biggest and most common problems I see out there on a daily basis – and with so many available companies and varying degrees of quality and price, it’s not surprising why.

Setting yourself a realistic budget is vital because it will save you the time and hassle of dealing with the wrong trades that don’t fit the brief of your project.

For example, ABC Bespoke Joinery company might quote you $15,000.00 on your new wardrobes, but Adam the local handyman on Gumtree seems to be able to do the same work for less than $2,000.00 - What’s the difference?


There will be a drastic difference between the two products in all aspects of the project, from design, materials used, manufacturing processes and/or install ability – plus, the general degree of detail that will go into your project will be very different between the two.

That doesn’t mean Adam from Gumtree won’t be a great local tradie or a top bloke, it just means you need to understand the context in which you are buying into and give yourself a budget to get your end result completed in a realistic fashion.

You need to have a plan in place from the outset (start with your budget) so that you are not disappointed at the end.

If you’re unsure, do a little bit more research, keep looking and always go with your gut.

Having a great renovation go smoothly is not just about saving money, its also about understanding your trades, building a good relationship with them (through trusting them with your budget information) and 9 times out of 10 you will see that goodwill reciprocated, with the company using their knowledge and skill to work within your budget because you have a good relationship with them and weren’t trying to just get a price out of them over the phone – No one likes to feel like their being used, not even tradies.

Be realistic

What do I really need as a result from this project? Is it just basic storage? Am I value adding for a re-sale? Or, maybe I want a beautiful, detailed storage area that is 100% custom designed to suit my needs?

Start with your budget, ask yourself a few realistic questions you want answered – and hopefully it’ll give you clarity with your future renovation plans.

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